The place of LOVE in my classroom and school

The place of LOVE in my classroom and school 

If I teach and explain everything well to my students, but don’t love,

I am nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate.

If I am fluent with the latest best practice in contemporary education, but don’t have love,

I am nothing-my efforts are in vain.


If I have all the latest teaching technology to hand, but don’t love, I’ve gotten nowhere.

So no matter what I may say, and what I do, I am quite bankrupt without love.


Love is patient when needing to explain again and again to students who just don’t get it.

Love is merciful when others find fault with me.

Love doesn’t envy when colleagues get recognition and I don’t.

Love isn’t proud, and doesn’t boast about my achievements.


Love is flexible and allows me to change my plans to meet the needs of others.

Love doesn’t shout at students or talk at them.

Love isn’t me and my needs first in my classroom.

Love doesn’t gossip the failures of students and colleagues.

Love looks for the best in all students and staff members.


Love never dies

All curriculum, textbooks and methods of pedagogy will pass away,

but only LOVE will remain forever.

Taken form this awesome website for Christian teachers, check it out!


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