CHRISTIAN Outer Space Poetry. Play with words and become a real POET!

April is National Poetry Month teachers!!!
Poetry has never been easier for your little ones!
Students can actually play with words and repetition and thus be a real Poet.
HIGHLY FAITH-INTEGRATED poems that will amaze little ones with the great God’s firmament!
• *Anaphora – I AM poem: Have your students look at a mirror and see themselves before they complete in the blanks. They can be silly, serious, or use rhymes to fill in the blanks!
• “as” Poem: have your students put any title and use similes to describe that object. For example: “Moon” shiny as silver, big as a star, etc.
• *Epimone – How is my planet? My planet is my home…My planet is beautiful, etc.
• My Favorite Planet: Have your students write their favorite planet vertically and describe it using each letter. This is an Acrostic Poem.
• Shooting Stars: Have your students describe the stars with adjectives: colorful, big, etc.
• Rocket Ships: Have your students describe rocket ships with verbs: fly, investigate, etc.
• * Antistasis – Earth and Mars: Have fun with antonyms.
• Walking on the Moon: Have your students imagine they are walking on the moon and use words to describe sights, sounds, smells and textures found in it.
• Starry Sky: Have your students complete the blanks, by rhyming the words at the end of each line to make a great poem!
• This is an Amazing World: Have your students complete in the blanks. Let them be creative and make up words.
• *Anaphora – Our Favorite Color! Students have to agree on one color and then each student decides separately an object of that color that they like the most. We all like green, like in the tree. We all like green, like the grass, etc.
• A New Earth! Complete in the blanks by telling your expectation of what would be like to have a new Earth.
• *Anadiplosis – Science: have your students come up with anything that may end with the word “Science” just words though like Physical, Bio, Earth, etc.

An invitation already made for Poets’ Night and the certificate is in the packet, too!



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