Our profession as teachers is no longer confined to teach like we have so far, that is in the past! Teacherpreneurs now dare to innovate, embrace changes, venture outside their comfort zones, and open their classrooms doors to the world through social media. Teacherpreneurs push conventional thinking, challenge the status quo, and eliminate pessimism and excuses.

Teacherpreneurs do all this and more just for their students, they are the ones who reap the benefits of doing the unexpected, the unexplored, the unconventional, the unimaginable. Teacherpreneurs find their people, passionate and restless teachers who are willing to fight for their students and join efforts to leave a mark in their students and future generations.

Teacherpreneurs know the secret of students’ best performances, they invest in relationships, play with them at recess, remember the sense childlike wonder in a kid-friendly and happy classroom, and become learners with them. Teacherpreneurs LEAD, but don’t leave their classrooms, because only in their classrooms they can show what the power of Jesus can do with their students, who can be, as well, leaders and servants to God and humanity.

Yanina Jimenez. M. Ed.

(This is the short version of my upcoming article!)

These are books that will revolutionize your thinking as a teacher and will inspire you to become a teacherpreneur!


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