Grown Ups Need Time-Outs Too!

Joke aside, I wish all grown-ups would have time-outs too!

We need the kind of time-outs we give to the children, that one!

When we give time-outs to children, it is because we want them to reflect

about their actions and decide to make better choices.

Well, I think we parents, need to do the same!

We need to intentionally take time to have a time out

to think and reflect on our actions as parents.

We need to take time to ask God to show us

what we need to change and keep!

Do we model what we wish to see in our children or students?

We won’t see the characteristics in them by accident!

Better things will happen when we

intentionally set aside TIME OUTS to think and reflect

to see changes in us and in our children!

So, choose a place to have a time out today!

We, grownups, need it!

tpt bench


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