About Mrs. Jimenez

My name is Yanina and I have been teaching for the last 8 years. I just love teaching and I want my students to love learning through meaningful fun experiences!
My Philosophy of Adventist Education Teaching in a superior atmosphere in a classroom where the Holy Spirit dwells, is a privilege and an enormous responsibility. Where the Spirit of God is, there are also LOVE, JOY and EXCELLENCE. LOVE, students need to see me as someone who cares, listens and understands. Love has to be shown so students may love each other and have better relationship between them, their teacher, parents and God. JOY, students need to wake up in the morning and want to come to school, because fun things are going to happen in their classroom! A fun and meaningful Science experiment, hands-on activities in Math, exciting Art projects, discussion and awesome projects for Social Studies, composing a song about their Reading book, real life experiences connected to Bible class, new games for P.E., the latest in technology and its use in the classroom, the excitement to use another language in its environment and writing for an altruist purpose are among these fun things that students can expect each day. EXCELLENCE, God has made and called us to the most elevated grade of excellence in everything we do. The classroom should not be the exception. Students are to be challenged to think, analyze, solve, develop better study skills, etc. students should be invited to go above and beyond their own expectations, always letting God set their limits, because He is who enables them with His strength to accomplish everything. Love, Joy and Excellence are the words that I would love to hear from my students describing a school day in my classroom.

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