Send balloons to the sky with a Bible verse!

PutĀ  a little message inside a balloon, blow air and send them their way to the sky. You might need helium so they can go up high faster.

Who knows where it might land!


Sponsor an orphan with your students!

Citing from their own website:

These children want to thank you!

They want to thank you because you are the type of person that makes their meals and shelter possible.

By sponsoring a child, you give your love and support so that children like these aren’t forced to try and make it on their own. We invite you to choose the perfect gift, the gift of life.

Sponsor a child and give them hope for tomorrow.

Mission experiences from your own classroom!

Get tons of opportunities to go to the mission field without moving fromĀ  your classroom!

From pretending to be a kid in another country, to creating a box for other kids, and playing online fun games while helping others, Adra for Kids is a great resource to do mission!

ADRA helps people around the world. Some of the many ways that ADRA helps people is by teaching them how to grow food, dig wells, make things that they can sell, send children to school, and teach their parents how to read. When disasters happen, ADRA provides shelter, food, medicine, clothing, and clean water.

Find out more about ADRA by visiting our website at